Our team of advisors is at your disposal for technical advice and support and active planning around the product areas below:


  • Fields of application:
    machine building, automotive- and aerospace industries, transmission manufacturing, food industry, plastics- and solid surface industries
  • Indispensable in the presence of special physical requirements:
    compressive strength, surface accuracy, temperatures, individual shapes and contours
  • No standardization according to sizes or heat output,
    our designs are individual and object-oriented
  • A wide variety of bores, notches, recesses or surface treatments
    available on request
  • Combinations with vacuum- or compressed-air channels
    (as e.g. in membrane moulding presses or in foil deep-drawing systems) are possible
  • Patented safety heating conductor system
    (DBP 4239568) for optimal temperature accuracy and maximum service life.
  • Please enquire with us
    and explain your technical problem in as much detail as possible. We will also be happy to send you our data collection checklist. Your information will remain strictly confidential.  

Technical data

Standard sizes: 200 x 200 mm - 4000 x 2000 mm
Bigger sizes in one piece available on request.
Heat output: up to 50 kW/m² (depending on platen size)
Voltage: 230/400 Volt
Special voltages available on request.
Working temperature: up to 250 °C
Compressive strength: up to 1200 N/cm²

Other voltages and performances available on request.


  • Ideal for cost-effective, safe and material-friendly heating
    of solid surfaces and all thermoplastics, acrylic glass and similar materials.
  • The most advanced, most efficient and safest system
    on the market
  • Top and bottom industrial heating platen made of 18 mm-thick solid aluminium. 
  • Smooth-running drawer
    with ball bearing guides. 
  • The upper platen moves up and down with short-stroke cylinders
    (pneumatic) material thicknessing  
  • Central control cabinet
    with main switch, two digital temperature controllers for 0 - 200 °C, pneumatic switch for lifting the upper platen, and maintenance unit. 
  • The material is freely accessible
    on the ball-bearing mounted drawer.
  • Only 5 seconds for opening and closing.
    Faster and more efficient than any other technology. 
  • Heavy-duty steel weldment,
    torsion-free, unlimited service life. 
  • No work between hot platens
    as with conventional hinged-lid devices.
  • Automatic material thicknessing,
    no risk of pressure marks on the valuable material.


Technical data

Sizes: 1100 x 1100 to 3800 x 1100 mm
Worktop height/table: 850 mm
Heat output: 6.4 to 30 kW (depending on the size)
Voltage: 400/690 Volt triphase
Temperature: 0 - 200 °C continuously variable
Material thicknesses: up to 25 mm as standard (up to 100 mm available on request)

Other sizes/voltages/performances available on request.

  • The exclusive thermoforming centre
    for solid surfaces, acrylic and thermoplastics.
    is used in individual and serial moulding. The technical components meet highest industrial standards.
  • The pre-heating device and the vacuum membrane press
    can be used together or independently.
  • Central control cabinet
    for easy operation. MULTITHERM-BASIC has been designed for one-person operation.
  • Also with complex mouldings
    the device can be operated by one person.
  • Self-optimizing micro-processor temperature controller for energy minimization.  
    It only takes a few seconds to place the pre-heated material on the mould, to close the vacuum device, and to generate the vacuum.
  • Hard-anodized vacuum worktop made of aluminium
    Heatable and/or coolable on request.
  • Additional cooling- and vacuum circuits
    underneath the membrane for large moulds as standard.  

Technical data

Standard sizes: 1300 x 1100 mm - 3800 x 1300 mm
Vacuum pumps: dry running or oil-lubricated
Heat output: 12.5 to 35.5 kW, (depending on the size)
Voltage: 230/400 Volt triphase

Other sizes and voltages available on request.

  • MULTITHERM-Automatik 
    is the fastest and most effective thermoforming system for solid surfaces,
    acrylics and thermoplastics, a sophisticated product that meets highest industrial standards.
  • You will save space, time, energy, personnel costs, and a lot of money
  • A unique machine
    for maximum efficiency, easy handling, safety and a compact footprint, and all that with an optimal price-performance ratio
  • Ideal for individual and serial moulding
  • The pre-heating station and the vacuum membrane press
    can be used together or independently to increase productivity
  • Central control cabinet
    for one-person operation
  • Serial production of mouldings with short cycle times
    is facilitated by the coolable  hard-anodized vacuum platen (optional feature)
  • The pre-heating station features an automatic sliding drawer
    The automatic drawer will shorten work processes.


We look forward to your enquiry.


Technical data

Standard sizes: 1300 x 1100 mm - 3800 x 1300 mm
Vacuum pumps: dry running or oil-lubricated
Heat output: 12.5 to 35.5 kW, (depending on the size)
Voltage: 230/400 Volt triphase


TYPE 1213 TYPE 2113 TYPE 2613 TYPE 3113 TYPE 3813
Useful working surface vacuum membrane press: 1250x1300 mm 2050x1300 mm 2550x1300 mm 3050x1300 mm 3750x1300 mm
Useful active surface heating station: 1300x1100 mm 2100x1100 mm 2600x1100 mm 3100x1100 mm 3800x1100 mm
Power requirement: 12.500 Watt 26.700 Watt 32.500 Watt 35.500 Watt 35.500 Watt
Voltage: 230/400 Volt 400/690 Volt 400/690 Volt 400/690 Volt 400/690 Volt

Other sizes and voltages available on request.

  • Our patented ELKOM fluid heating platen system ÖKOTHERM-PLUS 
    has been designed to meet practical requirements. The focus was on precise surface temperatures, low energy consumption, a maintenance-free design as well as universal usability.
  • Hot-water or thermal oil heating
    of hydraulic presses in all sectors of the industry 
  • Heating/cooling lines
    for the plastics industry and fibre composite production 
  • Heating tables and cooling tables
    for mould temperature control and moulding technology 
  • Polyurethane foaming plants
    of any size 
  • combined heating/cooling vacuum platen systems
    various production sectors 
  • Solid timber bonding and laminating presses
    of any size 
  • Car component industry, plastics industry, glass industry, composite processing, and many more 

Technical data

Platen sizes: 250 x 250 mm to 4000 x 2000 mm, bigger segmented surfaces available on request
All shapes available (also round, triangular, etc.)
Platen thickness: 37 mm to 55 mm, depending on temperature and application
Compressive strength: up to 1200 N/cm2
Temperatures: up to 250 °C max. with thermal oil / up to 150 °C with water
Temperature accuracy +/- 1 °C when heated with pressurized water
Pressure: internal pressure of up to 20 bar permissible for heating medium
Connection: 1/2" female thread / special connections available on request
  • Switching and control devices
    from selected ISO-certified suppliers
  • All controllers and sensors are manufactured in compliance with ELKOM specifications
  • and are subject to regular checks and inspections.
  • Protection class IP 54 as standard
  • Standardized wiring diagrams and documents
    for all control cabinets and control systems 

ELKOM temperature control systems are designed 
and manufactured in accordance with customer requirements. They guarantee the perfect functioning of our heating platen systems. Our control cabinets and control devices are also used in the upgrading or retrofitting of existing plants.


  • ELKOM temperature control systems are the ideal complement
    to the heating and cooling platens of the ÖKOTHERM range. We deliver and install our temperature control systems as a complete solution or as a retrofit for existing single machines.
  • Inner tank made of stainless steel,
    all water- and oil-feeding components made of non-corrosive non-ferrous alloys
  • Self-optimizing micro-processor temperature controller
    with digital display, accuracy +/- 1 °C
  • Automatic filling and automatic constant
    for all water temperature controllers
  • Automatic level monitoring
    (during filling) for all oil temperature controllers with pre-warning
  • Leak stopping device
    (suction mode) in case of leakages at the consumer’s
  • User-friendly front panel
    that displays all functions
  • Heating systems with multi-stage switching
    (e.g. full load for rapid heating and partial load for further heating)
  • Automatic safety temperature limitation
  • Furring-free heat exchanger
    made of stainless steel (in combined heating/cooling units)
  • High-temperature pumps
    with optimal flow rate
  • Ramp controls
    for automatic heating/cooling processes
  • Special hoses
    and one-way- and manifold valves 
Temperature controllers

Technical data

Temperature range: with water up to 150 °C (pressurized water system)
with thermal oil up to 250 °C
Heat output: from 3 kW to 150 kW
Cooling output (heating/cooling units): from 52 kW to 100 kW
Cooling output (cooling units): from 6 kW to 33 kW
Pump capacity: from 70 to 160 L/min with a pressure range of up to 5 bar max.
Expansion tanks: standard equipment
Connections: standard female or male thread 3/8” to 1”
  • Our vacuum membrane press has been designed to meet practical requirements.
    Its essential features are easy handling and universal usability for forming thermoplastics and composites and also for coating mouldings with flexible materials.
  • Vacuum worktop made of solid aluminium as standard
    with integrated high-performance vacuum system as standard
  • Maintenance-free high-performance vacuum pump
  • Generously dimensioned vacuum storage
    with adjustable vacuum valves
  • Central control unit for vacuum pump, vacuum valve, main switch and control signal lamps
  • Sturdy and easy-to-handle vacuum frame
    made of aluminium profiles with high-performance silicone membrane (will stretch up to 600 %)
  • Thermoforming of solid surfaces, acrylics and thermoplastics
  • Manufacturing of composite components
    with heating/cooling technology
  • Coatings, bonding, veneered components
  • Automotive and aerospace industry
  • Leather- and foil processing
  • Metal processing, research and development

Technical data

Standard sizes: 1000 x 1000 mm - 3750 x 1300 mm
Vacuum pumps: dry running or oil-lubricated
Voltage: 230/400 Volt as standard,
50 - 60 Hz  

Other sizes/voltages/performances available on request.


“To us, service means identifying your needs and offering solutions. With intuition, dedication and plenty of know-how.”


Our team will accompany you through change processes, support you in the implementation of new systems and advise you on the basis of accumulated know-how and long-term expertise.


Our qualified assembly technicians will install the heating platens on site on your premises. They know their way around all common press types and will adjust the equipment perfectly.


We are always ready to listen to your individual needs, and on top of that we have the desire and the know-how to develop the perfect solution for you.


Time is money: Benefit from our 6-hour fast repair service. Leave your defect heating platen (also from other manufacturers) with us in the morning, and you will generally be able to pick up the repaired platen in the afternoon.


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