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“To us, service means identifying your needs and offering solutions. With intuition, dedication and plenty of know-how.”


Our team will accompany you through change processes, support you in the implementation of new systems and advise you on the basis of accumulated know-how and long-term expertise.


Our qualified assembly technicians will install the heating platens on site on your premises. They know their way around all common press types and will adjust the equipment perfectly.


We are always ready to listen to your individual needs, and on top of that we have the desire and the know-how to develop the perfect solution for you.


Time is money: Benefit from our 6-hour fast repair service. Leave your defect heating platen (also from other manufacturers) with us in the morning, and you will generally be able to pick up the repaired platen in the afternoon.


From consulting to planning and manufacturing to delivery, installation and commissioning: We are at your service and provide comprehensive and reliable project management.