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Welcome to the executive board

We are pleased to announce that Mr Marcel Kölling has been granted a full power of attorney for ELKOM-Elektroheizplatten-Technik GmbH on 1 July 2019. ...

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Our industrial heating and cooling plates on the JEC Paris

Pour moi, Paris, c'est les beaux jours ... beautiful and sunny days we spent in this year at the JEC in Paris. More than 1,300 exhibitors...

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Electrical heating bar for industrial applications

The economy is booming, although some economic forecasts for the current year predict cloudiness. In the past quarter, we were particularly...

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Ligna 2019 - be welcome in Hall 12, Booth B08/1

The fact that the woodworking and processing industry is undergoing global change can be well observed in the core themes of the Ligna 2019, which...

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Future prospects

Like all companies, we too are subject to constant change and...

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Older, hardener, better.

37 Jahre sind wir im Markt und noch kein bisschen müde oder um es mit Bruce Willis....

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Ecologically heat hotplates - yes, is that possible?

Just how ecological heating and the operation of our heating and cooling plates worked has only to take a look ...

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Special solutions

After selecting the right product, we create 3D models...

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Feasibility analysis

As part of the technical feasibility analysis, we clarify...

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Individual solutions for our customers

The application possibilities for our heating and cooling plates are virtually unlimited and...

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