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Product of the month

The ELKOM temperature control systems guarantee the perfect functioning of our heating platen systems. Our control units are also used in the...

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Wind energy

The expansion of wind energy is booming worldwide and there are wind turbines in ever larger dimensions. Special requirements are placed on the...

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Short News Research Project

E-mobility in the automotive sector is on the advance and is recording double-digit growth rates in registrations. In industry, research is carried...

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Active cooperation

We have a long-standing, if not decades-long partnership with many customers. We have learned together from the many projects and are very grateful...

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Communication via video conference

Which was hardly used a few months ago, has found its way into almost every company: The video conference.

Many project discussions are now taking...

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Special project vacuum heating table

And another special project successfully implemented.

The request was not without: A customer wanted on 30 meters long and two meters wide conveyor...

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New in our Testcenter; we have a laboratory press with which materials can be heated up to 250 degrees.

Various heating and cooling cycles, which are...

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Service and repair, also for other makes

The repair of heating and cooling plates that do not originate from ELKOM is becoming increasingly important these days. For this reason, we offer a...

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International partnerships

In cooperation with our partner companies we are active worldwide. We are very pleased about the new partnership with Hebrock Polska from Kornik,...

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