Individual Solution Composite-Projects


Specialization is the future market and through individual solutions it is possible to differentiate itself from the competition. This trend in mechanical engineering we see specifically by the different projects in the composite market.

The ELKOM electric heating plates are in demand in the vehicle and aircraft industry, which works with ever lighter materials to reduce the energy consumption.

Our products allow individual shapes and contours, have a patented safety heating system and can be combined with membrane molding presses or in folio folding plants. When processing thermoplastics, speed is also an issue. Less in the conventional sense, but in the work process. Our MULTITHERM automatic ( is a fast and effective thermoforming system for mineral plastics, acrylic and thermoplastics, a sophisticated product according to the highest industrial standards.

Benefit from our know-how from many projects in different industrial sectors. We are happy to plan your project with you.

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